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Could your imagination use a recharge? Do you want the rush of a fresh perspective? If the answer is yes, I have a suggestion. Join me and some of the savviest association leaders in our industry at the Innovation Summit on June 9.

This signature event is curated by .orgCommunity especially for professionals who love learning and want to put their organizations ahead of the future. We’re going to be live and in-person at the state-of-the-art OLC Education and Conference Center in Rosemont, IL. I’m looking forward to an exciting summer day of networking, discovery, relaxation, and refreshments in incredible surroundings.

Best of all, we’re talking about innovation. Couldn’t everyone use a goodie bag full of tips and tactics to make our jobs easier and increase our association’s value? I’m always thrilled when a colleague opens my eyes to new possibilities. Come along for the ride. I promise you’ll be enlightened and entertained.

Here’s a look at the thought-provoking program we’ve planned:

Compete by Finding New Territory

For years associations had an automatic corner on their markets. Digital venues and options put an end to that peaceful era. Sometimes a wake-up call isn’t a bad thing. Complacency doesn’t grow organizations or help members meet professional challenges.

Sharon Rice.orgSource managing director of business strategy, is one of those insightful people who discovers hidden opportunities and helps leaders outline a path and a process to seize the moment. She’s going to explain how you can find those advantages too.

Use Blue Ocean Strategy to chart a new course.

According to Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, red oceans represent the current marketplace where the rules for competition are already set. Blue oceans are undiscovered territory. They are the space where you can take the lead and others must follow. Sharon will explain how to use Blue Ocean Strategy to chart a new course.

As an expert strategist, Sharon has helped dozens of organizations to re-examine their operations and find that better way. Every time she presents, I hear interesting ideas that inspire me to see my work in ways I hadn’t considered before.

Meet Learners Where They Are

“If learners cannot identify themselves and their needs in your program, they will find a more compatible option. Designing education with target audiences in mind results in the powerful ‘this is for me’ response that drives sales and participation. The future success for Associations depends on abandoning vanilla. Learning experiences must become variegated, tailor-made, and transformational.” That’s an insight from Tracy King, CEO and chief learning strategist at InspirED. Jennifer Michael is going to help us take that idea a step further.

Creating a customized approach around certification can be challenging, especially in the medical professions. With competition in the education arena heating up, this is an important topic. Certification is a significant value area for both associations and their members. But preparing for the exams can be challenging and time-consuming. Jennifer, who is chief operating officer, at the American Board of Medical Specialties will outline her organization’s member-friendly solution to the recertification process.

If your group relies on certification for non-dues revenue, you won’t want to miss Jennifer’s advice for helping members elevate their expertise.

Win During the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation has caused many a cultural reset. Recruiting and retaining top talent is on everyone’s mind. I’ve long been a believer that a strong culture is a magnet for excellent people. On the other hand, an atmosphere where employees are a second or third priority makes it difficult, if not impossible, to find and keep skilled workers motivated.

Jamie Notter is an author, consultant, culture strategist, and co-founder at Propel. He helps leaders put the important pieces together. He’ll explain how culture must integrate with strategy and execution. Jamie believes that human beings are our most important asset. We achieve our best performance when we enjoy what we are doing, are able to execute skillfully, and get paid for the results. He would like to see these three circumstances blend more seamlessly.

Employees are less likely to tolerate cultures that are just okay.

“Employees are less willing to tolerate cultures that are just okay,” Jamie advises. “If you want your best people to stay, then you must show them that you are actively dealing with the silo issues, the lack of agility, the slow pace of innovation, or anything else that messes with their success.”

I am thrilled that Jamie is presenting on this timely topic. I’m excited to learn how we can improve our results by building better cultures.

Step Up to Association 4.0

Kevin Ordonez is president and managing director of digital strategy at .orgSource. He is also my business partner. Together, we have been studying how associations can succeed in the digital marketplace for most of our careers. We’ve held think tanks, conducted research, and we even wrote two books on the topic.

We call the attitudes and skills that help professionals sidestep disruption and find success in a fast-moving business environment Association 4.0 leadership.

Our presentation will outline the seven characteristics of Association 4.0 organizations and describe how every leader can incorporate these strategies. You may already be following some of this advice. But practiced as a holistic system, the Association 4.0 journey becomes a powerful predictor of success. We’re also going to share our recommendations for putting technology at the center of business and developing the innovative culture you need to attract and retain members.

I love giving this presentation because it draws on our years of experience. From healthcare to real estate, we’ve worked with professions across the business spectrum. Whether you are looking to grow your career, your team, or your organization, Association 4.0 offers advice you can immediately apply.

Turn Ideas Into Non-Dues Revenue Gold

If you want to be sure that your next killer concept makes the leap from idea to action, Teri Carden would be a good person to ask for advice. Terri is an entrepreneur who knows how to develop initiatives that produce revenue and build engagement. She is the founder and CEO of 100Reviews and the creator of, a trusted site for executives to provide end-user reviews of their association management systems.

Teri describes the value of innovation like this. “When somebody creates, whether it’s as part of a team or by themselves, it instills pride and ownership. You generate energy that adds a layer of sophistication to the entire project. Giving people the authority to move quickly in a smaller environment leads to success. I have a personal advisory board that I consult for large decisions or ethical issues. They come from all walks of life–some are family, others are teachers, entrepreneurs, investors, and people from my church. But when I’m about to launch a new venture, the decisions are all my own. There’s a lot of personal investment. I think the key for associations will be to give people ownership so that they can claim their success and use failure as a learning experience.”

Innovating to create new revenue streams is such an important topic that we’ve invited an expert panel to continue the discussion. Teri will facilitate a conversation with Bill Bruce, chief executive officer, American Association of Nurse AnesthesiologyDoug Coombs, director of client solutions, Association.TV, and Michael DiFrisco, CAE, chief marketing officer, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Add a New Advisor to Your Team

My network is a constant source of innovation and inspiration. We’ve scheduled two half-hour breaks, plus lunch and a concluding reception to allow plenty of time for you to work the room and find your next best advisor or to check out the newest products and services our partners will have on display.

Special thanks to Impexium and Association.TV for sponsoring the Innovation Summit and making this exciting collaboration possible.

Still waters might run deep but innovation comes from lively discussion, heated debate, and deliberate action. Join us and add your ideas and opinions to the mix. Every voice makes us smarter. See you there!

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