Access Peer-to-Peer Circles

Make better decisions through critical, confidential conversations with your circle of association leaders. 

Face challenges and explore new opportunities with trusted peers.

Circle groups consist of 8-12 like-minded association executives, including many CEOs and C-level leaders. Only one person from an organization is included in each group to promote openness and sharing. Most groups meet quarterly, but group conversations are happening all the time.


Get expert advice about complex issues from your own professional board of advisors. You’ll innovate, excel and grow as leaders together. 

Get better results

Circles provide you with diverse perspectives and experiences from your peers. You’ll work through and solve tough problems and explore complex issues.  

Join a circle. Become a VIP member. 

We’re adding new circles all the time. Women in Association Leadership, C-Suite Executives and CEO circles are popular with our members. 

Circle participants meet regularly to 


  • Share expertise
  • Discuss industry trends, opportunities, and challenges 
  • Offer an objective point of view 
  • Are ready with advice when you need it most 

What Our Members Say

What sets .orgcommunity apart is the they really are focused on innovation and community. What I get out of it is a lot of forward-thinking people, concepts, and I never leave a meeting without getting an idea for a client I'm working with.
Kim Robinson
President, FrontlineCo
This is a forward-looking group of business people who are very much about learning from each other and thinking outside the box in a trusting environment.

Harriet Bogdanowicz, MBA,CAE

Chief Strategy Officer at American Planning Association, Circle Facilitator

Advance as a Leader. Advance Your Organization.