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Featured Webinars

Behind the Screens: TMA’s Website Makeover

Hear Jodi Talley of the Turnaround Management Association share her “behind the screens” experiences leading TMA’s successful website redesign (launching in April) including what worked (and didn’t). Whether you’re planning a website redesign or a simpler “refresh,” you’ll find new ideas and inspiration for your project that will result in happier, more engaged members (and leadership!).


AI Unleashed: Real-World Solutions and Results in Today’s Associations

Join us for an enlightening journey into the heart of how contemporary associations are harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive unprecedented change and efficiency. “AI Unleashed: Real-World Solutions and Results in Today’s Associations” is a webinar tailored for association leaders, technology enthusiasts, and innovation strategists. Understanding AI in the Association Landscape: Kickstart your journey with a comprehensive overview of AI and its evolving role in associations. Discover the fundamental concepts and the latest trends.

Case Studies of AI Success: Dive into real-world examples where AI has been a game-changer. From membership engagement, personalized communication, to data-driven decision-making, learn how associations of various sizes and sectors have effectively implemented AI solutions.


Mastering Revenue Growth: A Strategic Framework for Your Certification Training Program

The shifting landscape of professional learning has made lifelong education a necessity for associations and their members. Yet, many organizations are caught in outdated training approaches, missing significant opportunities to drive revenue and create member value. Market leading organizations are digitally transforming their certification training programs to drive learner success and open up new revenue streams.

Join us as BenchPrep’s CEO, Ashish Rangnekar, unveils a compelling framework tailored for associations, ensuring you maximize both value to learners and revenue for your organization. Seize the enormous opportunity ahead and propel your association into the future of learning.


Get Sponsored: How to Make 6-Figures in Digital Sponsorship for Your Association

Digital Sponsorship can be not only profitable, but also help drive your digital engagement and member education. In this webinar, we will explore how to optimize digital sponsorship for associations and capitalize on the huge opportunities to grow digital revenues to 6-figures or more! We’ll cover strategies for consolidating your content, orchestrating packages to meet buyers’ needs, providing education and product/service information, bundling solutions, and controlling content for member experience.


5 Ways Technology Is Positively Impacting (and Improving) Your Culture

Leveraging technology is essential for associations to stay competitive, grow, and thrive. But technology is only as effective as the people who use it. That’s why identifying staff who are technology champions is critical for creating a thriving work culture to foster innovation and growth.
Technology champions in the workplace lead to increased productivity, better collaboration, improved employee satisfaction, and more. This webinar will explore what it means to be a technology champion and the impact they have on organizational and membership success.


Drowning in Data – Focus on These 5 Key Event Data Points That Affect Your Whole Association 

We are all drowning in data! Data is pouring in from every platform ranging from an AMS to community platforms. With the gaining popularity of virtual events, associations now have a new layer of data that they’ve never collected before. No, event data is not new. Yes, there seems to be a lot more of it. Gone are the days when event data stays in its registration silos. Associations want to know what to do with data that can provide them insights that can help the entire organization. This session focuses on what event data points are the most beneficial to associations. 


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