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Visionary Education, Authentic Community.

.orgCommunity connects you to a vibrant network of association executives, entrepreneurs, and strategic partners dedicated to shaping the future of associations. When you join .orgCommunity you gain access to collaborative events, small group learning opportunities, and peer-to-peer counsel with trusted allies, mentors, and friends who share your passion for excellence.

We support association executives, director level and higher, who often carry the burden of reporting to the board, managing staff, and leading and serving members. If that’s you, this is your community. We know you can be pressed to solve amazingly complex problems in your role. .orgCommunity was designed to provide you with an authentic network of peers, high-level education, and strategic envisioning so you shine at your next board meeting.

Sherry Budziak and Kevin Ordonez, founders of .orgCommunity

Why We Created .orgCommunity

It’s a tough climate for associations and nonprofits. To survive and thrive in today’s rapidly evolving global market, you need resources – and a network – to help you remain forward-looking, strategic, and agile. .orgCommunity was designed with your needs in mind. We equip association executives with the tools to lead and structure educational experiences to help you connect with others in similar positions with similar passions and challenges. That’s why we call ourselves a responsive community.

Co-founded by Sherry Budziak and Kevin Ordonez, association industry experts and visionary entrepreneurs with a combined 50+ years of experience, .orgCommunity was created to provide mentorship, sharing, collaboration, and needed education to association leaders. In a rapidly changing environment for associations and nonprofits there is a need to leverage technology, change cultures, and use new digital resources to enhance brands. When Sherry and Kevin realized people didn’t know about tools and solutions available, it was important to them to share this knowledge with the community as well as learn from each other.

With it becoming tougher for nonprofit leaders to create stakeholder value and rise above disruptions, leaders are realizing they can’t just rely on past experiences — or even past confidants — to compete in and win this battle for time, revenue, and engagement. Sherry and Kevin created .orgCommunity as a means to help executives lead differently in these rapidly evolving industry times.

Why We're Unique

.orgCommunity is not another professional association. It is a true community. Together, we are innovating what associations of the future will look like – Association 4.0. And we stack your .orgCommunity experience with:

  • Relevant, executive-level programs. You will be able to master skills and fill educational gaps that pertain to your role.
  • A low-cost, high-value subscription program that enables you to tap into peer-to-peer network to share resources and knowledge.
  • Specific and Intentionally planned discussions to strengthen and support your role and career growth  
  • Connections with distinguished colleagues to share opportunities, knowledge, and solutions

Make .orgCommunity your go-to resource. Apply to join our community — it’s a fellowship worthy of your tenure and experience.


Sherry Budziak

Sherry Budziak - Co-Founder

Kevin Ordonez

Kevin Ordonez - Co-Founder

Our Advisors

Nicki Augustyn

Nicki Augustyn

Senior Vice President, Marketing, Communications, Publishing
American College of Chest Physicians

Leonard J Brenner

Leonard J. Brenner

General Counsel
Leonard J. Brenner, Ltd.

Rupa Brosseau

Rupa Brosseau

Foundation Executive Director
Society for Vascular Surgery

Jennifer Pitts

Jennifer Pitts

Director, Products & Programs

Sharon Rice


Thomas Conway

Thomas P. Conway

Chief Financial Officer
American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists

The Team

Christina Leo

Community Manager

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