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Leverage ESG to Fast-Track Sustainability and Member Value

Delivering member value gets a lot of airplay in this blog and across the association community. There are good reasons for that intense focus. Associations have new, strenuous competitors. Other providers are offering attractive education and networking opportunities; while social and cultural changes are limiting the time volunteers have to

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5G’s Magic—Powering the 4th Industrial Revolution

If you ever wondered what magic can create a workerless factory, a home that talks to its owners, or a car capable of communicating with other vehicles and pedestrians, 5G is part of that wizardry. Smart devices characterize the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a topic that continues to be top of mind

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Catching Up to Nordstrom—Deliver Member Delight

Nordstrom is famous for their return policy. They’ll accept an item that may not even be from their store. For this courtesy, they have gained a die-hard fan base. Before Netflix was an idea, Nordstrom knew a thing or two about the value of personalized service. Since 1901, the company

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Onboarding the Board—Your Opportunity to Promote Peak Performance

How would you describe your board’s performance? Is it— the organization’s greatest asset? They are wise stewards of our resources and visionaries who identify strategies for future growth. a thorn in the side? They are contrarians lost in the weeds who impede our progress. inconsequential? They are crickets, disinterested or

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.orgCommunity’s Solutions Day Honors Innovator in the Association Industry

News For Immediate Release Contact:   Emily Hendershot, Managing Director 810.610.1512     .orgCommunity’s Solutions Day Honors Innovator in the Association Industry   Schaumburg, IL. September 19, 2019. Association professionals from across the country gathered at the American Society of Anesthesiologists in Schaumburg, Illinois for the 4th annual .orgCommunity Solutions

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Meeting to discuss innovation mindset traits for associations

10 Traits of an Innovation Mindset for Your Association

Associations can’t fulfill their missions without innovation. Innovation helps organizations create and improve processes, products, services, and experiences for their members, customers, staff, and audiences. Technology helps us turn innovative ideas into reality, but innovation is powered by organizational cultures that support and nurture an innovation mindset. 10 elements of

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Building a Dream Team Starts at the Top

The board is the cream of the crop, and there is an A-list staff to match. Financial and volunteer resources are plentiful. All the elements for success are in place. But the association is not winning. Instead of accomplishing goals, the management team spends their time putting out fires, running

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To Invite Innovation, Make Friends With Risk and Change

Are you looking for heart-pumping thrills, bold challenges and a totally unforgettable experience? Pass on the skydiving. Skip ziplining the rainforest, and nix the heliskiing trip to Patagonia. Writing a book will give you all that excitement and more. My business partner Kevin and I never imagined what an incredible

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Association 4.0: 2018’s Transformation Imperative

Anticipating and adapting to change has always been a characteristic of successful association leaders. However, existing business models no longer seem sufficient. We are in a period of major disruption that requires more robust responses to change. Over the past year, there have been several significant signals indicating that association

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The Enormous Value of Being a Day 1 Association

Have you heard about Day 1 and Day 2 framework? I had not until JP Guilbault CEO of YourMembership mentioned it at the company’s recent conference. A few days later my Dad sent me a copy of the first pages of Amazon’s 2016 year-end annual report which is a letter from

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.orgCommunity – Shaping the Future Together!

As an entrepreneur in the digital technology and marketing space for more than 25 years, I can say with confidence and certainty that technology advancements are happening quicker than ever before. These advancements are affecting our identity and all the issues associated with it: our sense of privacy, our notions

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BY DOUG KLEGON .orgCommunity has been engaging association leaders in a series of discussions regarding the evolution of associations and the need for innovation.  Emerging—and as yet unseen—disrupters will require significant changes in the nature of associations, how they envision fulfilling their missions and serve their constituencies. In some industries we

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