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Delivering Excellence in the Age of AI or Association 4.0

Part One Excellence is never a given. Being identified as the best in anything from soccer to sales requires commitment and hard work. But for decades, associations easily held pride of place in their industries. Members saw us as a professional home, their most trusted source of advocacy and information.

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Make Space—Lighten the Load for Your Heavy Lifters

Stuff is falling off your plate. You’re surrounded by a scary pile of responsibilities. You could delegate. But you don’t have the time to bring another staffer up to speed. Or you might hire new talent, but an opportunity to interview and onboard seems as elusive as a vacation day.

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A Technology Assessment Connects Intention and Ability

Do you have a friend whose house looks like it belongs to neat freak Felix Unger, but the closets and drawers are clearly owned by lovable slob Oscar Madison? This Odd Couple disconnect happens to even savvy digital organizations. My writing about digital leadership often focuses on values and attitudes. But attention

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Still Confused About AI, Learn the Facts A-Bot Us!

How many articles about AI have you read? Too many? Despite all the information, are you still a little confused about where this adventure is going? Let me begin with a disclaimer. Generative AI is not a gift that lends itself to neat packaging. The beauty of this technology is

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Tired of Operational Surprises? Ask These Strategic Questions

Surprise parties can be fun. If the balloon tower featuring your age got cancelled—even better. Surprises in business aren’t so welcome. When the membership director springs a dashboard on you with every indicator trending south, it’s not a good day. Distraction is an invitation for the unexpected. If you’re playing

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Disruption Sunny Side Up

Disruption gets a bad rap. We are quick to see it as a faceless villain itching to lay waste to our future prospects. But shattering the status quo is positive and necessary. We call that type of change innovation. It happens when smart people with guts and irrepressible creative energy

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To Get Close to Members, Follow MarTech Trends

Whether I’m writing about marketing, strategy, or technology, one idea always surfaces. Understanding members at a granular level has never been more important. We all know this, right? Yet, it seems that even big corporations are struggling to deliver the level of personalization that customers expect. Harvard Business Review Analytic

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Beyond Bronze, Silver, and Gold—Grow Success With Purpose

A colleague recently referred to the time before the pandemic as “innocent.” That description struck a chord with me. She was talking about how unprepared we were for the dramatic changes we experienced. Our lost innocence isn’t a bad thing. We now understand that on this ship nothing is nailed

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Lead From the Human Side of Technology

  Once upon a time, the title of the lead technology wizard didn’t necessarily begin with a C. The IT department didn’t always have a spot at the leadership table. They were regarded a little like sorcerers hanging out in the shadows creating marvels with tools that weren’t well understood

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EI Helps Teams Use Technology to Fly

You thought your team would be excited, or at least pleased. Automation, analytics, and all the other digital timesavers should be making their lives easier, right? The truth is no one seems happy. Some employees have invented tortuous workarounds to keep using their new toys to continue working in the

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