Surprising Feedback from Attendees on “Trends Impacting Associations” Webinar


This blog was originally posted by our strategic partner, Association TV® on WorkerBee.TV by Dan Stevens, president of WorkerBee.TV

Our webinar that we co-hosted last month with .orgCommunity created some interesting attendee feedback. See their surprising answers when you Click here or on the video below…


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During the webinar, all attendees answered YES to feeling the impacts of 3 major forces of change:

  1. Demographics
  2. Technological change
  3. Behavioral change of members

Let’s talk briefly about all 3.


Remember when we all needed a Fax machine even though most of our communication was now on email?  This was because it took a long time for institutions and law to become comfortable with signed documents being valid via email.  When that finally happened, it was the death of the fax machine.

This same paradigm is effecting many associations today, as they find themselves straddling memberships from Gen Z all the way to about to retire Baby-Boomers.  The perspectives and needs of both groups are polar opposites and we must ask ourselves……when the baby boomers retire, am I sticky enough for the millennials? Gen X,Y and Z by nature are not as dedicated to associations the way boomers were.  Give that serious thought.


Technological change is also forcing a major impact on associations.  2016 was the first year where more than 50% of content consumption was “mobile and online”.

This means that if you are putting your best content into a magazine, then less than half of your members will see it.  We talked in the webinar about becoming omnichannel and ensuring your best content is available in a WATCH, LISTEN and READ format (video, podcast and digital/offline print).  This maximizes reach for your best content which is imperative to have high retention.


Behavioral changes of members are another big trend to consider.  For members, the example of mobile consumption is probably the biggest.  Also, the desire by younger people for gamification of just about everything is part of their want to be entertained while educated.  This is driving micro-learning, hybridized learning and increased badging on the road to accreditation.  Are you keeping that person engaged in short increments?  Give thought to the changing behaviors as well as the changing technologies.

Watch the full webinar and learn more about how to recognize these trends and how to make these trends work FOR your association – not AGAINST it.

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