How to Evaluate an LMS


With many live events on hold or postponed non-profit organizations and associations are evaluating the potential role of the Learning Management System or LMS. If you or your organization is ready to evaluate an LMS here are some important points to fast track your LMS evaluation.

1. Start with Your Audience

First, understand your users and their motivations. We believe the best approach starts with a deep understanding of your audience. User needs should drive the technology choice. With a large marketplace of LMS providers, it is really important to identify your specific audience needs and goals.

  • Is the courseware that you’re delivering required to do their job, for example, continuing professional education credit (CPE), supplemental learning?
  • Or, if your courseware intended for marketing and/or promotional purposes?
  • How will the user obtain the course? For example, will it be available for free, purchased through an e-commerce system, or purchased by a manager and assigned to the course taker?

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