How to Drive Member Engagement on your Association Website


Online member engagement is becoming the number one KPI (key performance indicator) of a successful association website. The truth is, your website is your most powerful marketing tool. Your association spends months planning and creating resources, events, and forums for your members. You work hard to provide them with relevant information, engaging content, and above all, a reason to keep coming back.

Your objective is to become the go-to resource for your specialty and build a place where your members can network, discuss, and engage with others in their industry. But how do you hit your membership and marketing goals out of the park, and ensure that your website is fostering the kind of engagement your association needs?

Use these 4 tips to drive membership engagement on your site:

1. Make your members’ voice heard

Your members are constantly giving you feedback on their needs, wants, and uses for your website. They know what they’re looking for, and they won’t hesitate to tell you. This is a huge opportunity to start listening to their collective voice. Do you know what your members want from your website? Do you know how you want them to interact on your web platform? Have you founds a way to merge these two viewpoints together?

Outline the main objectives and goals for your site, and you will have something to measure your efforts against in the future. These benchmarks can help you demonstrate and determine your success.  They’ll also help you focus your web efforts once you start getting into the more complex parts of online association marketing.

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