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Hello and welcome to the December update of our .orgCommunity Events Newsletter!

We hope that the Thanksgiving break brought you rest and good health. Thanks to all of you, our annual Solutions Day event held last November 10 was a huge success! So much learning and networking happened, and we can’t wait to apply all innovative ideas and best practices to the coming new year! Now, let’s make the most of December and end 2021 with a bang!

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The pandemic gets credit for turning a spotlight on digital competence. But in the association world, that beam was narrowly focused. To survive the disruption, organizations upped their virtual game. Yet, most groups are still not taking advantage of another powerful digital resource: data.


Scalable Learning for a Modern Attention Span

December 2, 2021 | 3:00 PMWith so many ways to reach, teach, and support members, the last thing you need is a complicated process, especially when it comes to important certifications and online courses.We have enough competition for eyeballs in this age of waning attention spans. So how do we keep learners engaged, keep our processes simple, and keep non-dues revenue rolling in? Luckily, our friends at Cloud Generation have come up with new learning strategies and solutions for filling these gaps and getting learners excited in an era of distractions.Join our SVP of Strategy and Solutions Bill Conforti, and special guest, Chief Customer Officer Heather McNair from Cloud Generation on December 2nd to learn how you can keep automation and personalization simple without having to reinvent the wheel. Bill and Heather will also unpack whether you’re unknowingly creating obstacles that cause learners to drop out along their journey, as well as which analytics to track (with tools you may already have).

2021 Data Analytics Network

December 7, 2021 | 12:00 PMAttend the Data Analytics Network meeting scheduled for the first Tuesday of each month.This opportunity is for association professionals to engage in peer-led discussions on topics related to data and analytics.Upcoming sessions:• November: No Webinar• December: Year in ReviewSuggestions for topics? Email Christin at cberry@asaecenter.orgEach webinar qualifies as 1 CAE credit and all association professionals are invited to attend.

Building Centers of Excellence (CoE) to Drive Engagement & Revenue (digitalNOW)

December 9, 2021 | 5:10 PMAssociations advance knowledge. Centers of Excellence, focused on hot topics, have immense potential to become community focal points. Channel contributions from your community of experts, sponsors (who are often vastly underrepresented), and your members. In collaboration with Hum, the CyberRisk Alliance has demonstrated this new approach through the pandemic/noting when would help provide context for struggles this approach overcame and delivered $100k+ in sponsored programs, excellent engagement numbers and long-term community benefits.

CEOnly® Summit

December 12, 2021 | 2:00 PMThis past year, CEOs have been challenged with tackling change in an uncertain environment. Whether you are constructing a framework for innovation, deconstructing cultural paradigms, or reconstructing your business model, join a community of peers in a thoughtful dialogue on candid issues, shared values and a passionate drive to embrace future uncertainties.

Demystifying Association EcommerceDecember 14, 2021 | 10:15 AM
Associations often struggle with ecommerce.  Most understand that in today’s digital age, members and non-members have extremely high expectations thanks to Amazon, Google, Target, etc.  A common struggle is how to deliver that kind of experience, particularly when transactions happen in their AMS and other platforms that were not built to do so.
Join Adage’s Jake Toohey, Dan Hickey from DelCor Technology Solutions, and Rob Katchen and Eric Mathias from the American Academy of Pediatrics as they talk about how to think of ecommerce, and the use of traditional association platforms differently and show how to decouple the Store or Marketplace from legacy systems to provide a great buying experience for the user.REGISTER TODAY

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