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Tired of Operational Surprises? Ask These Strategic Questions

Surprise parties can be fun. If the balloon tower featuring your age got cancelled—even better. Surprises in business aren’t so welcome. When the membership director springs a dashboard on you with every indicator trending south, it’s not a good day. Distraction is an invitation for the unexpected. If you’re playing

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Rule Your Market—Blue Ocean Strategy Sidesteps the Sharks

Are sharks circling your member base, eyeing bites for their next meal? Even if your association is trapped in a sea of competition, you can change course and sail toward possibility. Sharon Rice, .orgSource Managing Director of Business Strategy, is our expert for guiding associations through tough markets. At .orgCommunity’s recent Innovation

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Find the Athletes You Need to Innovate

Don Dea and Hugh Lee, the co-founders of DigitalNow, are colleagues I look to as voices from the future. In an interview for our book, “Association 4.0: An Entrepreneurial Approach to Risk, Courage, and Transformation,” Don made this prediction. “In order to help workers adapt, associations will need to find and hire

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To Stay on the Bull, Learn From Other Riders

Being a CEO today is a little like riding a bull. The experience is guaranteed to be bumpy. But, if you have half an hour to listen to someone else’s story, you can learn a lot about how others manage the challenge. The leaders I interview for my Association 4.0 podcast encourage

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Integrated Planning Keeps the Glass Half-Full

In June, I thought the dust was settling. Now, with the onslaught of virulent Delta, not so much. We are still in the grip of disruption. The change seems to be that people are learning to cope. There is a shift from reactive to more deliberate approaches. Organizations are investigating

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Empower Strategy by Incorporating Trends

Getting strategic planning right is challenging in the best of times. This season of disruption adds additional complexity and brings significant shifts in perspective that are important to recognize as associations prepare for the years ahead. I’ve been advising .orgSource clients to integrate strategy across organizational activities since long before

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What Associations Can Learn from Lego

BY DOUG KLEGON I recently came across an article discussing how Lego came back from near extinction ( There seemed to be several lessons for associations. Following a period of disastrous diversification, in 2003 Lego found itself $800 million in debt with sales down 30%. Lego’s CEO Jørgen Vig Knudstorp—the person who

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The Enormous Value of Being a Day 1 Association

Have you heard about Day 1 and Day 2 framework? I had not until JP Guilbault CEO of YourMembership mentioned it at the company’s recent conference. A few days later my Dad sent me a copy of the first pages of Amazon’s 2016 year-end annual report which is a letter from

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.orgCommunity – Shaping the Future Together!

Innovation & disruption has been happening and will continue to happen at an accelerated pace. But today is the launch of .orgCommunity’s Innovation + Disruption Conference — the beginning of answers to how associations can tackle and get in front of disruption. We have worked with the .orgCommunity “Think Tank”

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BY DOUG KLEGON .orgCommunity has been engaging association leaders in a series of discussions regarding the evolution of associations and the need for innovation.  Emerging—and as yet unseen—disrupters will require significant changes in the nature of associations, how they envision fulfilling their missions and serve their constituencies. In some industries we

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BY DOUG KLEGON  It is a truism that teamwork is important to achieve organizational goals. But what makes for effective teams? .orgCommunity has been exploring that issue. Our recent Leadership Summit featured a team effectiveness session led by association executive John Forbes. John also led a subsequent .orgCommunity “30 on Thursday”

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By Doug Klegon, Ph.D., FACHE, Managing Director – Customer Experience and Marketing  For many associations the membership survey is an annual ritual. The survey goes out, a basic summary is prepared and there is a discussion at a management meeting. But then the results lie dormant awaiting the next measurement season.

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