Anesthesia SimSTAT Provides Simulation Training Anytime, Anywhere


Learners can access the virtual activity on their own time.

Simulation training is a popular method for health care professionals to expand their knowledge and refine their skills. The American Society of Anesthesiologists® (ASA®) and CAE Healthcare recognized the need to provide simulation education to physician anesthesiologists regardless of their location—and Anesthesia SimSTAT was born.

Anesthesia SimSTAT brings simulation education directly to the learner. Responsive patients, medical equipment and challenging scenarios provide immediate learner feedback within a gaming environment. This training helps improve performance in the management of anesthesia emergencies by identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement.

This type of simulation training is the first of its kind for physician anesthesiologists. A partnership between CAE Healthcare, a global leader in training activities, and ASA, a leading association for physician anesthesiologists, was an easy decision. The two organizations worked in tandem to deliver a game-changing experience that will better the lives of patients as a result.

Anesthesia SimSTAT – Trauma Engages Learners

Anesthesia SimSTAT – Trauma was the first module to launch in the summer of 2017. More than one thousand users have accessed the module, and 88% of participants were satisfied with the course’s overall value in helping improve their professional effectiveness.

The next two modules, Anesthesia SimSTAT – Appendectomy, and Anesthesia SimSTAT – Robotic Surgery, will launch in early 2018. These modules will challenge learners in two common scenarios—a patient undergoing an acute appendectomy, and a patient undergoing a robotic hysterectomy.

Anesthesia SimSTAT Live Demonstration

Attendees at the .orgCommunity Leading Innovation Summit on March 7, 2018 in Schaumburg, Illinois will learn about emerging trends and innovations in association management. Director of Education at ASA, Elizabeth Lepkowski, will share a live demonstration of Anesthesia SimSTAT and discuss the cutting-edge collaboration that led the final product. ASA’s Senior Simulation Education Manager Michelle Michelotti and Simulation Education Specialist Steven Houg will also share their experience in creating this revolutionary simulation activity. The state-of-the-art science behind Anesthesia SimSTAT is sure to change the future of simulation training, and ASA will be at the forefront.

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