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Still Confused About AI, Learn the Facts A-Bot Us!

How many articles about AI have you read? Too many? Despite all the information, are you still a little confused about where this adventure is going? Let me begin with a disclaimer. Generative AI is not a gift that lends itself to neat packaging. The beauty of this technology is

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Stay Ahead of AI’s Magic

AI has that magic quality that tempts us to imagine powers even greater than its already impressive abilities. Like the whale that becomes Moby Dick or an ape that prompts sightings of the Yeti. The leap from reality to make-believe is easy. And the difference between truth and speculation can

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Get More Out of AI, Start Chatting

You’ve probably had a conversation with the bot twins, ChatGPT and Bard. Actually, they are triplets because Microsoft has a bot named Bing, who receives less attention. (Check Bing out. I like the fact that the source documents are always provided.) Maybe you’ve already experimented using generative AI to create

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Build a Marketing Dream Team—Welcome AI

Oh, those pesky keywords. For communicators who would rather write sentences than algorithms, finding the phrases that will viralize your posts seems like a New York Times word game gone wrong. Good news! You don’t have to wake up at four a.m. weighing the merits of  “member satisfaction” versus “satisfying

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