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Are you looking for strategies to strengthen your association? In this unforgiving environment, solving problems isn’t good enough. Leaders need to see beyond the challenges. Building engagement, enthusiasm, and revenue must be the core of every strategy. Ninety percent of that success is connecting with the right people.   

Solutions Day 2023 will introduce you to experts who can help! Meet the industry’s most resourceful providers and executives who have the knowledge, products, and services you need to compete and stay ahead of technology.

If you’re asking questions like these

How do we grab the attention of our members? 

Are we using our data effectively? 

How can we better automate our processes? 

Can we use AI at our organization? 

We have the tools but how do we get the most out of them? 

Our solutions professionals have the answers you need to go beyond the challenge and deliver engagement, enthusiasm, and revenue. Plus enjoy the best in hospitality. Network with the association colleagues you need to meet. Come join us and register today!

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Ignite the Power: How Associations Create Irresistible Trends

Adele Gambardella-Cehrs, CEO & Founder at the Convincing Company.

Chip Massey, Former FBI Special Agent & Co-Founder at the Convincing Company
Join us for an electrifying keynote presentation led by the dynamic duo of award-winning PR strategist and entrepreneur, Adele Gambardella, and the mastermind behind hostage negotiations, Chip Massey, from the renowned Convincing Company. Prepare for an exhilarating journey as they unravel the secrets of trend creation that will catapult your association to unprecedented heights.
Get ready to ignite your association’s potential and captivate the market with products that leave a lasting impression, unforgettable experiences that leave your competitors in awe, and media pitches that put your organization firmly on the map.
In the quest to create trends that resonate deeply with your audience, Adele and Chip will introduce the revolutionary concept of Forensic Listening™. Discover the exact steps needed to unlock your members’ Unstated Narrative™, allowing you to craft trends they not only believe in but actively advocate to others on your behalf.
Prepare to see the future before it unfolds with:
  • Trend frameworks
  • Industry roadmaps that guide you to success
  • Media messaging that grabs attention and amplifies your message
  • Soundbites that leave a lasting impact on your audience
  • Co-branded reports that position your association as the trendsetter
Rev up innovation within your association using this easy-to-use and implement process. As if that weren’t enough, our speakers will also unveil a groundbreaking strategy known as the Convincing Continuum, designed to rally your members together and steer them towards a shared vision of what lies ahead.
Hold on tight as we dive into a captivating case study and gain invaluable insights from Chief Strategy Officer Harriet Bogdanowicz of the esteemed American Planning Association. Witness firsthand how they unlocked the power of trend creation and revolutionized their industry.
Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to take your association to the next level. Secure your spot now for an event that will leave you inspired, empowered, and armed with the tools to create trends that shape the world.



8:00 AM
8:45 AM
Breakfast + Registration
Meet Our Partners
8:45 AM
9:00 AM
Welcome + Program Kickoff
Future of Associations – Association 4.0
Sherry Budziak and Kevin Ordonez,
Co-founders, .orgCommunity
9:00 AM
9:45 AM
Keynote Presentation
Ignite the Power: How Associations Create Irresistible Trends.
Join us for an electrifying keynote presentation led by the dynamic duo of award-winning PR strategist and entrepreneur, Adele Gambardella, and the mastermind behind hostage negotiations, Chip Massey, from the renowned Convincing Company. Prepare for an exhilarating journey as they unravel the secrets of trend creation that will catapult your association to unprecedented heights. 
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9:50 AM
10:10 AM
You’ve Only Just Begun: Success After Implementation.
Major software implementations warrant celebrations (and cake). However, it’s imperative to remember; go-live is an important milestone, not an end date. In fact, it’s just the beginning.
Post-launch is the fun part. It is the time to start meeting the business objectives you set way back during the selection process. Consider this session a roadmap to navigate post-implementation success. Learn how to plan, prioritize, and set expectations for the first days, months, and year after launch.
Discover how to help your entire organization focus on continuous adoption, increased ROI, and bolstering success. We’ll share “real life” stories to help you capitalize on growth opportunities and avoid common pitfalls associated with technology adoption and long-term ROI.
Apply these best practices to any future AMS, CMS, Marketing Automation, or other software implementation. Leave the session feeling equipped to make informed decisions during your own implementation journey.
Featuring: Jonathan Adams, VP of Innovation, Water Quality Association 
Sponsored by Impexium
10:15 AM
10:35 AM
Society of Petroleum Engineers generates $500,000 in Non-Dues Revenue with new Member Engagement Program.
COVID created the crisis and opportunity to create Digital Programs that were repeatable, monetizable and highly engaging for members and participating sponsors.  Post-COVID, SPE is thriving with 2 Programs called SPE Live and SPE Tech Talks, that have elevated both engagement and non-dues revenue.  And the revenue and analytics has given SPE the confidence to expand into new programs and continue to differentiate the quality of content and experience for members – beyond what they find on social or competitive platforms for free.
Featuring: Christine Diedrich, Director, Multimedia and Publishing, Society of Petroleum Engineers.
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10:35 AM
10:55 AM
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11:00 AM
11:20 AM
How ASSH uses technology to create a network their members can trust.
According to the most recent Community Brands Association Trends Study, 84% of association professionals see building trust with members as a top priority.
The American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) regards their reputation for excellence as its most highly value asset by providing integrity in their policies and positions as well quality in their products and services. Join us to learn the steps that ASSH has taken to tackle the issue of member trust at their organization.
Featuring: Jake Adler, CTO, ASSH
Sponsored by Nimble AMS 
11:25 AM
11:45 AM
Strategies to increase ROI on your educational events.
From the continuous changes and a massive amount of information to collect, organize, and share, it’s sometimes hard for event planners to stay focused on how they’re increasing ROI for their association’s events. By developing an enticing event agenda and strong educational content strategy, associations can attract more attendees and ultimately new members. Discover how the American Society for Neuroradiology (ASNR) utilizes Attendee Interactive to build educational content with streamlined processes for abstract submission and review, creation of conference agendas, session building, and management of speakers.
Featuring: Erica Kruse, Director of Education, American Society of Neuroradiology
Sponsored by Attendee Interactive
12:50 PM
Lunch Break
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12:55 PM
1:40 PM
Association Executive Discussion Panel
Generative AI continues to be a cause for both concern and optimism for everyone involved in all facets of association education and association management in general. Join us as our association executive panelists discuss how they are using AI to advance their associations while minimizing risk.
Jennifer Pitts. Jennifer is responsible for the certification (CPHQ) program, individual education and training solutions, and annual events at NAHQ.
Jeanne Sheehy, MBA. Jeanne is the Chief Marketing Officer at Bostrom.
Sherry Budziak, Founder & CEO, .orgSource
Luke Vidacovich, CISA, CISM, A CSPO. Luke is the Director of Digital Strategy and IT at the American Animal Hospital Association
1:45 PM
2:05 PM
Revitalize Your Online Presence: A Quick and Effective Website Redesign Strategy
A whole website redesign might feel like a daunting prospect, but an unattractive site deserves attention. A new website can be fast-to-market while meeting all of the essential needs.
Featuring Christine Nogal, VP of Marketing and Operations, Arthroscopy Association of North America. 
Sponsored by Adage 
2:05 PM
2:25 PM
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2:30 PM
2:50 PM
Find the “True” Voice of Your Customer . Traditional measures for learning.
Traditional measures for learning the voice of the customer have historically been surveys, focus groups, and anecdotes. While these are still valuable, there’s a new player in town that provides a more accurate and “true” voice of the customer – analytics. In this session, we will share how organizations were able to unveil member’s “true” voice and deliver exactly what they want and need using revenue, retention, renewal, learning, event and behavioral data. We’ll share real-world examples like discovering an underserved member segment, how it was determined which products it was time to sunset and where to invest more learning dollars. For membership and marketing professionals, knowing this information is key to bringing the true voice of the customer through your entire association so you can help create an overall experience that meets exactly what your members want and need.
Featuring: Eric O’Connor, Chief Innovation Officer. American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology
Sponsored by Association Analytics 
2:55 PM
3:15 PM
Revolutionizing Membership Renewal: Increase Your Revenue & Efficiency!
Ever felt the frustration of chasing members for renewals or getting bogged down by technical hitches? We’ve all been there! Dive into the journey of Association Forum, who is working to overcome common challenges by embracing the new NetForum Express Pay technology. Learn how this growing association is leveraging new features to create a seamless renewal experience that is leading to increased retention rates. Step into the future of effortless renewals with us!
Featuring Artesha Moore, President & CEO, Association Forum
Sponsored by Netforum AMS
3:20 PM
3:40 PM
Good to GREAT: Successful Web & Mobile Engagement Strategies
See how successful web and mobile engagement strategies have empowered the Turnaround Management Association to engage members with dynamic experiences & personalized content at all stages of their professional journey.
Featuring Jodi Talley, Senior Director of Marketing & Communications, Turnaround Management Association.
Sponsored by Results Direct 
3:45 PM
4:15 PM
Headliner/ Closer 
Kimberly A. Pendo, founding Member of Chicago Law Partners, LLC. Kimberly practices not-for-profit and corporate law.
Hey Google, write me a speech about the ethical and legal issues surrounding a non-profit’s use of AI.
AI  is rapidly changing the world, and the non-profit sector is no exception. AI is being used to create new forms of content, to automate tasks that were once done by humans, and to make it easier for people to infringe on the intellectual property (IP) rights of others. Some of the biggest ethical issues raised by AI are bias, data privacy and security, accuracy and reliability, and responsible innovation. The use of AI in IP also raises a number of legal issues. One of the biggest legal issues is the question of whether AI-generated content is protected by copyright law. Another legal issue is the question of how fair use would apply to AI-generated content.
This session will explore the complex and evolving ethical and legal issues surrounding the use of AI and the importance of developing policies and regulations that address this changing landscape.
4:20 PM
4:35 PM
4:35 PM
6:30 PM
Cocktail Reception
Meet Our Partners
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