Mark Thorsby

Mark Thorsby




Mark Thorsby is responsible for providing effective guidance and leadership to organizations that are creating strategic plans, examining governance structures and cultures, defining relationships between organizations and their constituents and evaluating organizational effectiveness. Mark is a subject matter expert in the field of governance, leadership development and strategic planning/thinking. He is an experienced senior association professional and is a polished, professional facilitator and presenter. In addition to his practical experience in the field, Mark has made a significant personal commitment to the study and the teaching of volunteer organization leadership and strategy development. He provides his audiences with the benefits of his theory research combined with the day-to-day practical experience of association management.

In addition to his professional responsibilities, Mark also has served on the boards of directors and as an officer of more than two dozen organizations. His view from the volunteer perspective makes him a valuable consultant to the not-for-profit community. His service as a volunteer spans both private and public organizations, from Rotary Club to convention and visitors bureau to elected city council member, including service as a member of the Board of Directors of the Association Forum.


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