Stephanie Mercado, CAE

Executive Director and CEO

National Association for Healthcare Quality


Stephanie Mercado, CAE, is a leader in healthcare association management. She is recognized for her success in advancing medical and administrative professions and their associations. During her career, she has helped associations build balanced, value-producing portfolios. Since Stephanie joined NAHQ in 2013, CPHQ certificants and NAHQ members have increased by more than 50%. She has raised NAHQ’s prominence and value with the introduction of industry elevating initiatives such as HQ Essentials, the National Quality Summit and NAHQ NEXT. Stephanie has deep knowledge of healthcare issues gained from 18 years on both the front line and in executive association leadership. She has built healthcare competencies and medical curriculum models, certifications, professional development and training programs, as well as conducted advocacy for associations. Stephanie is a sought-after expert on best practices for healthcare associations and on healthcare quality. She serves on expert panels, National Steering Committees, and informal think-tanks.


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