Keith R. Chamberlain

Director of Marketing & Membership Experience

Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA)

Director of Membership Marketing & Experience Health Financial Management Association (HFMA) e: kchamberlain@HFMA.ORG  


Keith’s special sauce is creating something from nothing.  In doing so, Keith has discovered that the best marketing successes happen by effectively aggregating organizational assets and human resources in an ultra-collaborative fashion.

Today, he oversees acquisition and retention activities for HFMA, and throughout his blended for- and non-profit career, Keith has successfully built marketing and business development departments at a number of national associations from the ground up – teams that are still busy innovating today. He’s also started a few companies and created countless marketing programs to both launch and support products and services worth millions of dollars.

When not solving marketing challenges, Keith plays drums and participates in community theatre – an activity that truly defines the ultimate collaboration experience.


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