Julie Austin

Inventor, Author, and Speaker

Creative Innovation

Speaking at:
  • Leading Innovation Summit 2018


Julie Austin is a sought-after Keynote Speaker, award-winning author, and Inventor of Swiggies – The Wrist Water Bottle by Hydrosport.
Coming from a background in the TV & film industry as a commercial actor and TV host, she also has worked in the development of over 1,000 scripts. Julie knows the creative and how to sell it from a business perspective.
Julie knows a thing or two about innovation. She’s an inventor/innovator who turned $5.00 and a lump of clay into an international NASDAQ winning product—the Swiggles wrist water bottle, now sold in 24 countries.
However, Julie Austin is not stopping there. “I have much more to conquer,” she says!
“One good innovative idea could change the way you do business, save your company money, make your employees happier, generate new products and services, boost your bottom line, improve your marketing, catapult your ad campaigns, and improve your public image.”
Julie teaches people how to think like an innovator every day… from inspiring keynotes to hands-on innovation breakouts.


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