Joanie Muench

Joanie Muench

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach & Founder

‎3P Associates


Joanie Muench is a Gallup Certified CliftonStrengths Coach with specialized training in Employee Engagement, the BP10 (Entrepreneurial Talent

Assessment) and positive psychology.  She has worked successfully with organizations to creatively solve operational problems and maximize team productivity using a strengths-based approach. Joanie believes that people are at their best when they are true to their natural talents. Research supports this idea and we all intuitively know it’s true. To get there, it’s important to live and work from a position of strength and confidence.

She is an Executive Coach, Critical Thinking Partner, Ideation Facilitator and Consultant who takes pride in helping her clients reach their personal and professional performance goals using individual and team strengths.  

Joanie will help you change the conversation from looking back to looking forward, building potential, fueling performance and increasing leadership capacity.


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