Garth Jordan

Garth Jordan

Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy

Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA)


Garth prefers not to put a number on the years of executive and leadership experience in for- and non-profit businesses other than to say, “The journey continues.” His key ideals include:

  • Inspiring people he works with to build and harness the engine of continuous improvement.
  • Using design thinking to define and pursue bold, important challenges while being clear with himself and his cohorts that difficult tests and opportunities lay ahead.
  • Being subservient to fostering collaborative cultures, and maintaining steadfast dedication to achieving results by empowering teams through learning-by-doing.
  • Convening ideas and people on a regular basis, purposefully developing connections to bring clarity to multidimensional issues. He prefers to employ Agile approaches to build staff and organizational strength and resiliency.
  • Offering transparent finance/accounting leadership with collective input to budgeting, helping all co-workers understand and positively impact financials.


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