Chad Jackson

Chad Jackson

Chief Innovation Officer, Vice President of Market Growth

American College of Chest Physicians


Chad provides leadership and guidance to the development and management of innovation activities at CHEST, and leads the Market Growth Team in promoting and providing those opportunities to our constituents. This includes promoting innovation activities across the entire organization including discovering, prototyping, incubating and accelerating offerings that create opportunities for CHEST. These opportunities are then provided to our patients, clinicians and industry partners.

Chad serves as a leader for the organization in Market Growth Innovation, maintaining fiscal oversight related to managing resources (including staff, space, equipment, budgets, fiscal growth for the organization) to ensure maximization of these resources throughout the year. He contributes to the CHEST mission through the development of these leading edge educational activities, products and programs that enhance the member and organization experience. These activities and programs, experiences and products may include developing international training programs, corporate innovations, novel medical product development as well as other business opportunities for CHEST.


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