Amanda Kaiser

Chief Path Finder

Kaiser Insights LLC


How much do we really know about our members? Having conducted 333 in-depth member interviews and counting (that is over eight 40-hour work weeks of talking to association members) Amanda Kaiser is in a unique position to channel member’s feelings, worries, needs, and opinions. She explains member’s problems and the barriers they describe interacting with associations. She does this by using true, engaging stories and rich, descriptive examples.

Amanda invites audiences to stand in their member’s shoes. In each keynote, she facilitates conversations that spark ideas and show attendees the steps to achieving their goals. Amanda will prepare your audience to make fundamental changes in their association. Changes that can make their association beloved, changes that position the association to be proactive rather than reactive, and changes that help association leaders and members feel more confident about stepping into the future.

Amanda has been speaking before audiences of association professionals across the US and Canada. She has been invited to speak at ASAE’s Great Ideas, YourMembership’s Xperience, and for CalSAE, NYSAE, FSAE, NE/SAE, MASAE, and more.

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