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Looking for someone to address your board on strategy, growth, innovation, or even fiduciary responsibilities? Is your senior leadership team in need of professionally led retreat? Is it time for a strategic reset for your organization, or to break through old thinking and models? Are you seeking a passionate and visionary keynote for your annual conference? The search is over. We will connect you with the right leader for the right environment on the right topic through the .orgCommunity Speaker Bureau.

.orgCommunity Speakers Bureau

You may recognize some of these faces from a few of our events. Get to know our Speakers Bureau more and the knowledge these experienced CEOs and thought leaders have to share!

If you are interested in becoming a part of our speakers bureau, contact us for more information

Event Speakers and Facilitators

Learn more about some of our other guest speakers who've facilitated and shared innovative ideas during our Signature Events and Roundtables! 

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