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10 Content Management System Pitfalls and How To Avoid Them

BY SHERRY BUDZIAK If you are considering selecting a new Content Management System (CMS), here are some things to consider: Pitfall No.1: Failing to identify your goals  Identify your strategies for success. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can help your organization define and measure progress. Pitfall No. 2: Choosing a CMS without set requirements It is critical to identify […]

Why Authenticity Is The Key To Growing Your Association

BY SHERRY BUDZIAK     Ever wondered how businesses like Apple inspire enthusiasm and loyalty by their employees, customer and stakeholders?  The more virtual our lives get, the more we hunger after something genuine. So what does that mean for associations? Those who have traditionally “signed up for membership” in their professional association to “belong” are now looking for more […]

My Association Journey- Starting A Member Based Organization In 90 Days

BY SHERRY BUDZIAK     As I’ve posted before, my personal and professional journey has lead to starting .orgCommunity ( where professionals who work for associations and nonprofits can network, collaborate, gain knowledge in association management and receive mentoring. Through .orgSource ( we provide consulting for organizations on how to move their organizations forward using technology. We have witnessed the biggest struggle for most […]