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    Emily Hendershot @EmilyHendershot

    Association Management Center is seeking a Chief Executive Officer for the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM). This position will join our dynamic and growing environment of more than 220 staff members. The CEO reports to the AAHPM Board of Directors and a designated member of the AMC leadership team.

    Position Responsibilities:

    Strategic Direction and Leadership
    Works together with the board to develop a clear vision, defined purpose, and core values for the organization and translate the organization’s mission into realistic strategies.
    Ensures a dynamic strategic thinking process with active engagement of board, volunteers, and staff.
    Achieves short- and long-term objectives and goals as set by the AAHPM Board of Directors and identified as priorities within the strategic plan.
    Together with the board, develops and implements a dynamic strategic planning process every 3-5 years.
    Operations Management

    Selects and directs senior staff and facilitates a culture to build a strong and effective team to support the achievement of the goals of the organization.
    Manages, supports, and coaches staff and consultants.
    Demonstrates substantive knowledge regarding the organization’s programs and services.
    Recommends new programs or the discontinuance of current programs, as appropriate, to the board.
    Develops policies and systems to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.
    Sets standards and expectations for governing AAHPM.
    Oversees implementation of programs, initiatives, and products in alignment with governance and strategic plan.
    Promotes interest and active participation in Academy activities and programs among the membership.
    Ensures oversight and stewardship for grant funded projects.
    Ensures ongoing measurement of deliverables for projects and initiatives.
    Ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
    CEO/Board Partnership

    Develops a strong and effective working relationship and communication process with the board.
    Acts as a broker of ideas to facilitate dialogue among board members to shape the future of the organization.
    Serves as an agent of the board, functioning within an established framework.
    Raises issues and provides information on strategic and operational matters requiring attention by the board.
    Utilizes the delegated authority to effectively manage the organization and executes policies, plans, and priorities established by the board.
    Serves as a source of knowledge and guidance regarding association and nonprofit management practices and principles.
    Cultivates an atmosphere that encourages successful collaboration between volunteer leaders and staff.
    Financial Management/Development

    Establish and maintain an effective management system to ensure efficient and sound operations of AAHPM through prudent financial management, analysis, assessment, and adjustment to changing market forces and conditions.
    Demonstrates an understanding of the financial resources and expenditures needed to realize the strategic plan.
    Guides revenue-generating plans to ensure adequate income.
    Demonstrates knowledge in financial planning and budgeting, understanding the role of each in the organization’s overall financial picture.
    Establishes a system linking strategic and operational planning with the organization’s budget process.
    Ensures financial reports are presented to the board for approval on a regular basis.
    Negotiates, signs, and reviews all contracts with vendors, consultants, and royalty agreements.
    Ensures fundraising program meets established goals.
    Secures grant funding to support organizational initiatives.
    External Relations

    Cultivates results-oriented relationships with external stakeholders, organizations, and agencies with compatible missions; policymakers; government agencies and legislators; and association leaders.
    Serves as a spokesperson and negotiator for the organization, demonstrating tangible results and earning the respect of professional peers, enhancing the vision and image of AAHPM.
    Education and Experience

    Bachelor’s degree in business or related field, master’s degree or higher preferred
    Certified Association Executive (CAE) desired
    Minimum of 10 years of progressive experience, with 5 years as an association executive in the healthcare industry
    Demonstrated knowledge of continuing medical education and delivery
    Proven ability and experience managing/working with a volunteer organization
    Personal Attributes

    Demonstrated visionary and strategic thinker
    Ability to articulate a vision, create consensus, and motivate people
    Demonstrated emotional intelligence
    Is approachable and interested in fostering working relationships with key leaders from other organizations
    Consistently exhibits competencies and qualities required to be a successful CEO
    Leads with integrity and abides by professional standards of conduct

    For more information and to apply, visit

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