Date: April 27th, 2017

Cost: Free

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Be Inspired and Thrive

New technologies are advancing so rapidly that many organizations are asking themselves how will they survive and compete. How will organizations engage with generations who have been raised with social media and accessibility to content and personalized experiences? 

This one-day conference will examine how almost every industry in the world is being disrupted. Hear from thought leaders who are redefining digital publishing, creating new business models, investing in innovation and new revenue streams. 

This remarkably different conference offers a unique opportunity to network with like-minded nonprofit leaders and our hand-picked selection of speakers. Experience a lively learning atmosphere and meet relevant experts and peers.


We are an accredited CAE provider. Earn 5.0 by attending this Signature Event

Speakers and Facilitators

.orgCommunity is bringing together a serious line up of speakers this April, with the task of challenging us to be innovative and challenge what we know about key association management strategies.

Full Program

ASA® is the leading anesthesiology professional society with more than 52,000 members globally. Since its founding in 1905, the Society raises and maintains the standard of the practice of anesthesiology through cutting-edge education, advocacy and quality improvement by focusing on patient care and safety.  ASA is dedicated to helping physician anesthesiologists and their care teams provide the highest quality of care in a patient-centered, physician-led environment. 

Founded in 1993 as a video production and interactive media company, Ian Rayan Interactive (IRI) has remained competitive by employing emerging technologies to solve communication challenges across the entire spectrum of the interactive marketplace. True to its roots, IRI today shoots and edits video using 4K technology to deliver clients the absolute best in image quality. True to its vision, IRI also offers clients a wide variety of additional media services.

All these diverse media services provide their clients the opportunity to economically meet all their communication needs with one reliable, proven vendor- firmly establishing IRI and a leading creative and production resource for corporations, associations and non-profits across the country.

.orgSource was founded in 2005 with a mission to help associations improve their website presence, digital communications strategies and overall use of technology. As times and needs have changed, so has .orgSource’s capabilities but their commitment to quality and to their customers’ success remains a constant.

Sonoma County Vintners comes together to educate, invite and entertain the public with our industry, our region and our lifestyle. Through member collaboration, we develop strategic partnerships and create promotional programs to enhance the image of Sonoma County and its wines worldwide.

RhythmQ helps organizations simplify their awards and fellowship programs by providing an online solution that meets the exact needs of any client.  Our digital outreach services can assist in  enhancing your program publicity with tools like email marketing and social media, while capturing the effectiveness of your program information dissemination.

Icimo helps clients be enlightened by their data – not limited by it.

We want clients to uncover the whole story hidden in their data – and make critical business decisions based on knowledge, not anecdotes or assumptions. The result: Clients ask smarter questions, get better answers and make faster decisions, whether we’re working with a household name or a garage brand. Bottom line: Icimo helps clients love their data.

We are founded on the belief that clients’ success comes before our own. This commitment to a customer-first approach earned us the 2016 Tableau Software Reseller of the Year for North and South America. 

Web Courseworks is a learning technologies and consulting company. We help associations and non-profits leverage technology and drive highly successful education initiatives that push them to be the leading provider of education in their field. We channel association learning efforts to deliver on the promise of revolutionary performance improvement.

CadmiumCD is an event software company with more than 15 years of experience providing on-demand content management solutions that streamline the workflow for Meeting Planners, Exhibition Organizers, Education Directors, and Attendees worldwide. The company’s software platform makes it easy to collect, manage and share content to all event stakeholders through its modules: Call for Papers, Speaker & Exhibitor Data Management, Digital Content Publication, Audio Recordings, Digital Poster Galleries, Online Itinerary Planners, Interactive Floor Plans, Native Event Apps, and Post-Conference Evaluations. For more information, visit cadmiumcd.