Date: October 22nd, 2019


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In conjunction with .orgCommunity, Dan Stevens, President of WorkerBee.TV will lead you through an efficient 45-minute webinar that explores cross-departmental planning strategies to leverage your best content and make video easy and low-cost. Ultimately, driving towards increased engagement, recruitment and revenues.

This  credit approved webinar will provide valuable insights for your association.

Join .orgCommunity and WorkerBee.TV on October 22nd at Noon EST

Webinar Details:

When you begin budgeting for 2020, consider how cross-departmental planning can lead to video programming that is a profit-center instead of a cost-center.

What if we told you that you could produce 24, 52 or even 100+ videos this year to meet the needs of each department’s goals and to inform, educate and engage members… for $0 on your budget sheet?

Every association has limited resources – why not maximize your time and money through cross-department planning? By working together, the combined impact is:

  • Lower cost of high-quality video (and potentially zero cost with monetization strategies)
  • Less time spent coordinating individual projects and more time for strategic planning
  • Each department receives video (and multimedia) that accomplishes their unique objectives

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