Date: October 11th, 2018


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30 on Thursday Webinar Series

Association Leadership:  Assembling Great Governance Teams

Do you find the following statements to be true?

  1. The success of any endeavor is significantly affected by the quality of the leaders.
  2. The identification, recruitment and enlistment of quality leaders cannot be left to chance.
  3. For the governing board of an association, the quality of the team is more important than the quality of the individuals.

If so, keep reading and register to attend the webinar! This webinar will focus on the changing the selection process associations are using.

Without doubt, the Nominating Committee is the most important to the association. It can be the most controversial, secretive, heavy-handed, unreasonable, biased, political and criticized but, in the end, it is responsible for the identification, recruitment and enlistment of the leaders of the association. Those leaders will shape the future success (or lack thereof) of the association.

The days of the “good ol’ boys club” gathering in smoked filled rooms and selecting their buddies are long gone. Successful associations are devoting increased attention to ensure that their governing boards are comprised of a diverse, yet unified in mission, group of talented volunteers.

About Mark Thorsby

Mark Thorsby is an experienced association management professional with demonstrated abilities to lead associations in affecting significant positive change. He has a long term track record of increasing revenue, judicious expense management, and exceeding operating surplus expectations. An acknowledged leader in assembling and managing high performing teams, Mark excels in thinking strategically about organizations and has an extraordinary ability to synthesize information about organizations and their environments to propose creative options for future direction and activities. Known for his upbeat energetic personality, he is an individual who is focused on results and helping organizational leadership define desired outcomes.


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