Date: August 8th, 2019


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How Myers-Briggs Can Help Improve Team Collaboration

Self-awareness is a critical part of leadership development and healthy team collaboration. Awareness of and action around others’ personalities (particularly those who are not like us) can short-circuit negativity and accelerate collaboration and productivity in a team environment.

.orgSource Senior Consultant, Kevin Martlage is a certified Myers Briggs Practitioner qualified to administer and interpret the MBTI® assessment. The MBTI® Type I and Type II assessment will assist your team in reaching their full potential by helping to understand their preferences for interpersonal effectiveness through the self-awareness gained with the MBTI® assessment.

This session will be focused on providing a high-level overview of the Myers-Briggs program and how it can be used to increase collaboration, communication, and teamwork in your business environment.

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