Meet the .orgCommunity Leaders

.orgCommunity Co-founders Sherry Budziak and Kevin Ordonez, are association industry experts and visionary entrepreneurs with a combined 50+ years of experience serving the association management industry. Together they have grown and maintained their network of top association executives well into thousands of individuals.

Both have started and successfully grown businesses as suppliers serving the association industry with backgrounds in communication, digital transformation, marketing, technology and leadership. They apply their expertise, creativity and innovation to advance leaders and the organizations they serve. .orgCommunity is Sherry and Kevin’s latest big, breakthrough idea to engage leaders of member-based organizations.

Why We Created .orgCommunity

During the many years of their consulting practices and supplier services, Sherry and Kevin spent nearly each day sharing information, mentoring, counseling, connecting people or sometimes just serving as a sounding board. As their network grew, it became difficult to be available for all of their colleagues and friends.

.orgCommunity was created to provide mentorship, sharing, collaboration, needed education and much, much more. In a rapidly changing environment for associations and nonprofits there is a need to leverage technology, change cultures and use new digital resources to enhance brands. Realizing that people didn't know about tools and solutions that are available, it was important to share this knowledge with the community as well as learn from each other.

With it becoming tougher for nonprofit leaders to create stakeholder value and rise above disruptions, leaders are realizing they can’t just rely on past experiences—or even past confidants—to compete in and win this battle for time, revenue and engagement. Sherry and Kevin created .orgCommunity as a means to help executives lead differently in these rapidly evolving industry times.

Co-founder & Managing Director

Sherry is also the founder & CEO of .orgSource, which provides associations and nonprofits with management consulting services... read more

Co-founder & Managing Director

Kevin is a long-time advocate and volunteer for the Association Forum, in countless ways – often behind... read more

VP of Communications & Marketing

Heather Swink is vice president of communications and marketing for .orgCommunity, creating resources, information and communications for... read more

Digital Marketing Specialist

Jessica Skiba’s passionate drive toward popular culture and its various forms of outlets provides .orgCommunity with innovative... read more

Director of Sales

An active volunteer in the association industry, Jim has presented for ASAE, Association Forum, AMS Fest, American... read more

Director of Strategic Relationships

Debby Rice has spent her career in organizational development. She has managed successful fundraising campaigns for the... read more