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.orgCommunity is a responsive, subscription-based community envisioned by the founders of .orgSource.  We support association execs, director level and higher.  You know, the ones who carry the burden of reporting to the board, managing staff, leading and serving members. If that’s you, this is your community.  We know you are often alone in your role—a silo-- with little support.  And, we know you are pressed to sometimes solve amazingly complex problems often with little support.  Not anymore.  .orgCommunity has been designed to provide you with an authentic network of peers, high-level education, and strategic envisioning so you shine at your next board meeting.

Addressing Your Challenges

Yes.  It’s a tough climate for nonprofits.  Threats all around.  And, you face online competition from every direction.  To survive and thrive in today’s rapidly evolving global market, you need resources…and a network… to help you remain forward-looking, strategic and agile so you can engage diverse stakeholders.  .orgCommunity was designed with your needs in mind.  We equip association executives with the tools to lead. We structure educational experiences to help you connect with others in similar positions with similar passions and... problems.  That’s why we call ourselves a responsive community.

Why We're Unique

.orgCommunity is not another professional association.  It is a community.  And the benefit of our community is that it is based on the visionary leadership and amazing expertise of our founders.  Together, we are innovating what associations of the future will look like - Association 4.0.  And we stack your .orgCommunity experience with:

  • Relevant, executive-level programs.  You will be able to master skills and fill educational gaps that pertain to your role.  #finance #non-dues revenues #low-cost technology
  • A low-cost, high-value subscription program that enables you to tap into peer-to-peer network to share resources and knowledge.
  • Specific and Intentionally Planned Discussions to strengthen and support your role and career growth.  
  • Connections with distinguished colleagues to share opportunities, knowledge and solutions.

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Collaboration and learning from other executives is the most effective force for achieving your goals. .orgCommunity provides opportunities to gain knowledge from thought leaders, networking opportunities and collaboration.

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