Anesthesia SimSTAT – Appendectomy is the latest simulation activity from the American Society of Anesthesiologists® and CAE Healthcare. This course presents various scenarios in a virtual, online, gaming environment to test how well participants manage emergencies in a patient undergoing an acute appendectomy.

The virtual operating room is a replica of a traditional O.R.—realistic medical diagnostic and monitoring equipment buzz and whir as the simulation progresses. Each patient has varied morphologies and symptom presentation—it’s up to the learner to make decisions that bring the patient out of each anesthetic emergency. The patient is responsive, and the learner receives immediate feedback based on his or her actions.

Since the launch of the first scenario, Anesthesia SimSTAT – Trauma, improvements have been made to the course. Enhanced features include:

  • An interactive orientation tutorial to help users learn how to navigate the environment.
  • More robust tracking of users’ actions.
  • Simplified, formative performance feedback.
  • Increased eLearning capabilities including a pre-course survey and post-course evaluation.
  • Availability of post-course videos that allow the learner to go back and review completed simulated tasks.
  • The option to pause the simulation to allow for discussions between learners and facilitators.

This simulation activity will forever change the way physician anesthesiologists learn how to manage critical anesthetic emergencies. By replicating an acute appendectomy in a risk-free environment, learners will refine their skills and be able to apply the life-saving techniques to real patients.

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